Service is a beautiful thing, and projects are a great way to learn and contribute!

Here are some steps to get started:

1. Pick a project. There are many potential focus areas for projects (as well as for simply volunteering), including those in this list.

2. Fill out a form to plan the duration and other parts of the project. You can follow a template for one of the projects below or create one (ideally with help from a teacher or other facilitator).

  • Gardening (coming soon)
  • School recycling programs (coming soon)
  • Building a different project from scratch (coming soon)

3. Complete the project using a customized tracker we’ll create in Google Drive based on your plan.

4. Assess the results, including by using the tracker.

5. Report the results at school if receiving academic credit.

6. Follow up, including letting us know how it went using a survey built into the tracker.

7. Decide what should come next:

  • Continue the project in a similar or expanded capacity
  • Recruit others to continue efforts involved in the project
  • Provide guidance for others considering similar projects by communicating with us