Time to get into action!

To add something to a lifestyle that works for us, we like to TRIAL IT, DIAL IT, and ‘STYLE IT. This is the “trial” part. Here are some steps to get started:

1. Pick an experiment. There are many possibilities, including those in this list.

2. Fill out a form to plan the duration and other parts of the experiment. You can follow a template for one of the experiments below or create one (ideally with help from a coach or teacher).

3. Conduct the experiment using a customized online log we’ll create based on your plan.

4. Assess the results using the customized log.

5. Report the results at school if receiving academic credit.

6. Follow up, including letting us know how it went using the online log.

7. Decide what should come next:

  • Continue the experiment without major changes
  • Tweak the experiment in some way and continue it
  • Invite others to join you in the experiment
  • Set the experiment aside and try something else