We aim to change knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and (most importantly) behaviors. To find out how we’re doing, we ask audience members to share their thoughts verbally and in writing. We also plan to conduct a rigorous evaluation of impacts using test and control groups in 2016.

Examples of written feedback from middle and high school audience members:

About a presentation about 3D Health featuring Wholliam Healthus:

  • Overall: “great,” “very awesome,” “you rock,” “get on TV,” and “funny but helpful”
  • Several reported feeling motivated to do things like:
    • “Ride my bike more”
    • “Make my own trail mix”
    • “Help with a service project”
    • “Eat breakfast every morning”

About the song “The World a.k.a. Our Gym”:

  • “The lyrics were really cool”
  • “I liked the guitar a lot”
  • “Catchy, memorable”
  • Made me want to “try some of the activities listed in the song”

About a hand-out entitled “Ways to Promote 3D Health”:

  • “Thank you!”
  • “It was really good”
  • “Coolio”
  • “Nice job!
  • “I would change it for different audiences”


More Testimonials:

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My kids and I love the lyrics (and tunes) to your songs! And I needed a break from listening to the “Frozen” soundtrack.

Jillian Ames (Midlothian, VA)

February 4, 2015

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This project is as timely as it is creative! So great to see a musician and artist putting his skills to work for good. Rock on!

Tom Nichols (Boulder, CO)

February 4, 2015

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