Interested in helping? Nice! Here are some ideas:

Donating Here: 3D Health, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization and operator of the 3D Health Alliance Project. We rely in part on private donations to develop and deliver empowering presentations and performances, as well as to support service learning projects created by audience members. Here you can securely make a tax-deductible contribution using a bank account or major credit card.

Directed Donations: contact us about sponsoring a presentation or event appearance, or with other ideas

Donating by Mail: if you prefer to mail us a donation by check, please fill out this form

Other Possibilities:

  • Give feedback about a live show, hand-out, or other part of the project
  • Help improve a tip sheet or other resource (see the resources page for ideas)
  • Recommend groups with which we might collaborate (see check the partners page)
  • Like The 3D Health Alliance on Facebook
  • Tell friends, celebrities, generous folks, and ideally generous celebrity friends about us
  • Promote 3D Health in your area or elsewhere (see the resources page for ideas)