Project purpose:

To spark a wave of actions that build personal, community, and environmental health. Check out this video from a recent fundraising effort for more project info.

Primary Approaches:

  • Inspiring people to conduct health experiments and service projects with musical and otherwise “edutaining” slide show presentations at schools and in other group settings
  • Providing online resources to facilitate experimenting with healthy behaviors, designing and completing service learning projects, and getting involved with service organizations
  • Performing music and making other live appearances to increase awareness of health experiment and service project opportunities


  • Increase 3D Healthy actions, especially health experiments and service projects
  • Increase consumer support for goods made with in ways reflecting appreciation of 3D Health
  • Improve awareness and belief in the power of things like integrity, mindfulness, community, and possibility
  • Influence (for the better) rates of adolescent obesity and Type 2 diabetes

Achievements/Objectives by Year


  • Obtained federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status
  • Assembled an amazing board of directors and advisory team to help develop content and delivery strategies
  • Developed costumes, personalities, and messages for 4 3DHA characters to use in video clips during presentations
  • Developed hand-outs to accompany presentations to foster audience action-taking
  • Developed customizable presentations on eating, physical activity, and other health-related areas
  • Delivered presentations at numerous camps, primary, and secondary schools
  • Surveyed students and teachers to evaluate immediate impacts
  • Developed and tested curriculum materials to accompany presentations
  • Built a website to house online resources and allow for global engagement
  • Recorded an album of songs reinforcing healthy eating and other key messages

2017 and Beyond:

  • Develop and test step-by-step online resources (and then apps) to facilitate health experiments and service projects
  • Continue making public appearances and presentations to increase audience action-taking and build general interest in and financial support for the project
  • Add staff and volunteers to increase reach and coaching on experiments and projects