3D Health: a combination of personal, community, and environmental health.

Personal health: a typically unmedicated state of being marked by consistently high mental, emotional, and physical function.

Community health: healthy functioning by a group of people.

Environmental health: having conditions that support life, including clean water and air, fertile soil, and biological diversity.

Wellness: maintaining health over time.

Fitness: the ability to complete physical, mental, and emotional tasks.

  • Physical components: speed, agility, power, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and specific and general skill
  • Mental components: concentration, creativity, problem solving, handling complexity, and memory
  • Emotional components: handling set-backs, interpreting situations and events in empowering ways, having a positive self-image, and keeping perspective

Note: These definitions reflect our belief in human potential. We use high standards to challenge ourselves and others to find out what is actually possible.


1. Keep perspective. Taking oneself too seriously can cause suffering and defriending.

Tenets (a.k.a. How We Roll)

Standing for 3D Health through:

  • Responsibility for outcomes and other people (including by evaluating our impacts)
  • Courage to experiment, learn, put stuff out there, “fail,” embrace a reality that is complex/uncertain/imperfect, ID and take on weaknesses, etc.
  • Determination to learn no matter what and overcome apparent obstacles
  • Creativity/resourcefulness to find and capitalize on opportunities, human potential, and resources

Community/teamwork: working in ways that empower the participants

Possibility: seeing it in people, relationships, and the present moment

Mindfulness: being aware of things like your thoughts, words, beliefs, attitudes, and actions (and those of others, when possible)

Balance: seeking it over time between stress and recovery, in using time or energy, and in relationships (with people, work, pleasure, substances, hobbies, the earth, etc.)